Firemane is an organization that specializes in bulk purchasing of Point of Sale (POS) equipment. We buy, sell, refurbish & broker terminal purchases between resellers, distributors & end users around the globe.

Our points of distinction.


Focusing on fulfilling bulk orders direct from manufacturers allows us to keep prices down. We do not work in the traditional retail space.

Access to used & refurbished equipment

All of our resellers have their own customers; as such we have access to an extensive range of used equipment and are constantly purchasing used terminals from our network and providing those terminals to other resellers or refurbishing them ourselves.

Project management

We were contracted to assist in the forced migration of all non compliant terminals in the New Zealand market. We, along with our partners assisted in the migration of over 30,000 terminals over nine months. We specialize in large scale deployment.

Product Knowledge

We understand the terminal market and have access to a variety of different POS terminals, including but not limited to Verifone, Hypercom (Equinox/Spire), PAX, Keycorp, Nurit, Ingenico, Sagem, Intellect and many other emerging brands being developed in China.

Development Assistance

We have a network of developers that specialize in the development of payment applications. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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