Our Additional Services

Firemane sell credit card terminals from a range of the industry’s largest terminal manufacturers, to customers in over 40 countries. On top of this, we offer additional services to the payment industry market.

The team’s expertise provides our customers with second-to-none services. Whether your company has old POS terminals to sell, or your credit card terminal software needs development, Firemane is here to help. 

Sell Your Stock

You can cash in on your old POS terminals by selling your stock to Firemane. We make bulk purchases of used credit card terminals, wherever you’re based in the world. If your company is selling old terminals and accessories, contact Firemane to offload them via our three-step process.

Credit Card Terminal Application Software Development

Our expert team can provide knowledge and support to upgrade or switch your terminal fleet. With access to a number of scalable developers, as well as our team’s unrivalled knowledge in the payments industry, we can take care of your POS terminal software application development.