Countertop POS Terminals

Dynamic Large Payment Devices

Countertop POS terminals are ideal for companies looking to sell on the go with the flexibility to help customers on the shop floor. Mostly used in hospitality and retail, this payment method acts as a full-featured countertop or portable POS solution. They offer businesses benefits such as higher potential sales, lower costs and new opportunities for customer engagement.

Firemane stocks a number of countertop POS terminals from brands such as Verifone, Newland and PAX. With our global network and buyer power, we are uniquely placed to offer outstanding value when placing bulk orders of credit card terminals (over 50 units). 

Payments on the go

Customers can use countertop POS terminals flexibly due to their portability, allowing payments to be made on the go. This enables a faster and more efficient in-store sales process.

Faster check out process

The efficiency of a countertop POS terminal increases the speed of the check out process for businesses due to reduced queues and quicker payments, helping to increase the number of potential sales.

Featured Countertop Products

View all countertop POS terminals on our website from partners such as Verifone, Newland and PAX