The Verifone X990 is a fully portable point of sale (POS) terminal, belonging to a new class of POS terminals which are driving the next-generation retail experience. Equipped with the latest 4G mobile communications and a suite of flexible connectivity options, modern POS terminals like the X990 allow for dynamic payment processing in real-time. This allows sales personnel to go beyond the cash register, creating personalized sales interactions which dramatically enhance the customer service experience, and help to maximise sales throughput.

Slim, lightweight, and ergonomic, the Verifone X990’s modern design is complemented by a rich software platform which promotes safety, speed, and efficiency. It is the number one choice for large and small businesses alike in the age of mobile commerce.

 Key Features of the Verifone X990

Verifone X990 Specifications

The Verifone X990 is equipped with the latest POS hardware and software, including a robust 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM Flash, with the option to double these memory capacities if required. It is integrated with the intuitive Android 5.X operating system which supports third-party applications. This allows merchants to create custom platforms for a variety of purposes, including loyalty schemes, couponing, online booking, sales management, and more. Complementing this depth of flexibility is a choice of readers, including a triple track, bi-directional card reader; an ISO-compliant smart reader with comprehensive EMD integration; and a 5 MP CMOS camera for QR code payments.

Setting up Your Verifone X990

The process of setting up your Verifone X990 is extremely simple, with installation accomplished in a few easy steps. Simply remove the back cover of the unit and the battery pack, exposing the metal connections for the SAM/SIM physical interface. Typical configurations include 2 SAM cards and 1 SIM, or 1 SAM and 2 SIMS. In either case, insert the cards in the slots provided and replace the battery pack. Once charged, the Verifone X990 is ready to set-up communications, and to optimise with custom applications. Verifone has an online portal where users can access a verified developer kit, providing a studio-approved plugin with APIs, UI design templates, code editor, and more.

Want to Know More about the Verifone X990?

The Verifone X990 is a powerful POS tool which excels beyond retail businesses. It is the leading choice of sales system for merchants looking to deliver an omnichannel customer experience that forefronts speed, efficiency, and security in an increasingly interconnected era. If you would liek tolearn more about the features and specifications, or to submit a Verifone X990 RFQ, please contact a member of the Firemane team today.