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DESCRIPTION: vx680 Base. Options BT base, full base or standard base

Name: Verifone vx680 Base

MINIMUM Order Quantity: 50

Condition: New & Used only


Verifone VX680 Base Station - New & Used

The Verifone VX680 base provides your business with the flexibility and portability to process payments anytime, anywhere.

Engineered by electronic payment giant Verifone, the base station is a sturdy accessory to partner with the Verifone VX680, ensuring your terminals are always charged and ready to accept payment. Either wall mounted or placed counter top, the base provides a docking station and continuous charge for the VX680 terminal, all the while charging up an extra backup pack.

There are two version of the Verifone Base Station available: the standard and the full-feature model.

The Standard Base Station

The standard model solely charges the VX680 terminal. It does not include external ports and has a single LCD to indicate power status.

The Full-Feature Base Station

The full-feature model has the capability to charge the VX680 terminal while simultaneously charging an extra battery pack. Additionally, the full-feature Verifone Base Station has two USB ports for external dongles, and two LEDs – one for power indication and another for the charger status.

Get connected, stay connected and be confident that your terminal is always fully charged with a Verifone VX680 base, one of the most essential Verifone accessories.

We have the popular new or used Verifone VX680 Base Stations available with a 12-month warranty. Contact Firemane here for price enquiries.