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DESCRIPTION: vx675 GPRS or 3G. With and without CTLS available

Name: verifone vx675

MINIMUM Order Quantity: 50

Condition: New, used & refurbished


Verifone VX675 POS Terminals - New, Used & Refurbished

The Verifone VX675 is the world's smallest handheld POS wireless device, capable of processing payments anytime and anywhere.

Manufactured by globally recognised electronic payment provider Verifone, the VX675 is a powerful, sturdy yet sleek machine that provides a reliable, secure payment solution for restaurant, hospitality, delivery or transportation operations, wherever you are based.

For businesses that demand speed and convenience at the point of sale, the VX675 enables long-range wireless payment for retailers on the go, compatibility with the broadest range of international applications and local specification and backwards compatibility for integration into developing markets.

Whatever the payment needs of your customers, the Verifone 675 is compatible with most smart card contactless transaction services, including American Express ExpressPay, Discover Network Zip, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave and MiFare.

The solid, tamper-resistant construction, unsurpassed quality and reliability of Verifone devices ensures that a new or refurbished VX675 is a valuable investment for the development of your business.

We have refurbished, new and used Verifone VX675 terminals in stock with a worry-free 12-month warranty. These machines are available for bulk order worldwide. Contact Firemane for price enquiries.