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DESCRIPTION: vx520 GPRS. Single sim and dual sim available. with and without battery AVAILABLE.

Name: Verifone vx520 Dual Comm (Ip/Dial)

MINIMUM Order Quantity: 50

Condition: New, used & refurbished


Verifone VX520 GPRS POS Terminals - New, Used & Refurbished

The Verifone VX520 GPRS EMV Wireless Credit Card Terminal offers you the reassurance of high-speed secure processing, anytime or anywhere. This product is a great choice for merchants and customers who need reliable payment processing.

The VX520 GPRS is an advanced, powerful wireless POS terminal that has the capability and convenience to accept all forms of payments, from EMV to Apple Pay NFC, while supporting value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

The GPRS VX520 is manufactured by e-payment leader Verifone, so you can be confident that this POS terminal is a powerful, long-lasting countertop device. Moreover, it is supported by the stable VX OS platform, delivered to more than 7 million devices.

With instant broadband connectivity, high-speed transactions are assured keeping your customers happy wherever you may be. This POS terminal combines compact, ergonomic design, a high-contrast backlit display and ATM-style design, so it always feels familiar and comfortable to use.

Designed for dependability, the VX520 contains advanced built-in security features and can effectively manage encryption or decryption to ensure personal information always remains protected against fraud or misuse.

A robust, reliable high-speed terminal and printer all-in-one, the Verifone 3G POS is also ideal for merchants wanting to develop their business beyond paper to electronic payment processing.

If you are wanting to grow an already growing business, a refurbished or used VX520 GPRS is an excellent investment to consider. We also have new models in stock. Our entire range of e-payment products from Verifone are available for bulk purchase worldwide, with a worry-free 12-month warranty. Contact Firemane for price enquiries or to learn more.