Verifone POS Terminals

Verifone Inc is our preferred manufacturer. Globally, it is one of the most trusted providers of electronic POS solutions and services.

Founded in Hawaii in 1981 by William "Bill" Melton, the American multinational now operates in more than 150 countries and employs nearly 5,000 people worldwide. Named after its initial product – the verification telephone – Verifone today provides a broad range of technology solutions for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point of sale.

Although its primary headquarters are located in San Jose, California, Verifone’s core global areas of operation are also represented in London, Singapore, Miami and Turkey.

The company’s POS devices are designed for merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payments in the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government or healthcare industries. Verifone terminals run on their own operating systems, which include security and encryption software and certified payment software. The company’s range of small, portable, handheld devices enable electronic payment to merchants in any customer location where connectivity is available using 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. With Verifone POS technology, businesses can benefit from the convenience of anytime, anywhere payment.

Verifone has been expanding into new and emerging global markets, where its wireless systems expertise is being utilised in a variety of territories in need of electronic payment solutions.

At Firemane, we have a wide range of Verifone POS terminal equipment available to resellers, distributors and end users all over the world. We can also help you out if you’re in need of Verifone parts. Choose from our list of products below.