PART NUMBERs: m177-509-01-r


Name: Verifone mx925

MINIMUM Order Quantity: 25

Condition: New Only


Verifone MX925 POS Terminals - New

The Verifone MX925 is a top-of-the-line POS machine. Its impressive 7” colour display is the largest in the industry, and it has the highest resolution too. The high speed processor and generous memory space makes this POS terminal the ideal multimedia platform for a more engaging consumer experience.

The large screen is specially made for businesses interested in promoting brand loyalty, as it offers a platform to showcase promotional videos and images of the latest products and offers, all on a crystal clear surface. It also makes it easier to add valuable services such as loyalty programs, gift card issuance and top up services. The wide screen splits in two, so customers can sign forms on one side and review their receipt on the other.

The MX925 is more than a sleek, modern design. This highly sophisticated terminal supports multiple payment types, such as EMV, PIN debit, NFC/contactless and non-traditional payment schemes like mobile wallets. Its flexibility and compatibility guarantees improved customer satisfaction, which leads to an increase in revenue.

We have new Verifone MX925 terminals in stock, with a risk-free 12 month warranty. All products and parts are available for bulk order, worldwide. Contact Firemane for price enquiries.