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DESCRIPTION: S80 Dual (LAN/DIal). With and without CTLS options available.

Name: PAX S80 

MINIMUM Order Quantity: 25

Condition: New Only


PAX S80 POS Terminals - New

The PAX S80 offers powerful performance from one of the leading international suppliers of secure electronic payment terminal hardware and transactional software services.

This modern payment device has been specially engineered for ease of use with an intuitive ATM-style interface and ergonomic keypad, all packed into a simple, yet sturdy compact counter-top unit that weighs just 525g.

Customers will appreciate the e-commerce convenience that the PAX S80 provides, supporting multiple payment types and value-added application offers. Within the basic options, merchants can quickly and securely accept traditional magnetic strip credit and debit cards. Additionally, the Smart Card reader is EMV certified, allowing secure acceptance of EMV payment types with an optional contactless reader that also enables merchants the ability to accept contactless payments, including MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave.

For always on connectivity, the S80 terminal also offers several connection options (including wired and wireless). Merchants can choose between traditional dial-up connection using a phone line, or utilise high-speed options through either an Ethernet cable or 3G wireless networks for anytime, anywhere payments.

The PAX S80 comes equipped with an ARM 11 32-bit processor, a sizeable 128MB Flash, and 64MB SDRAM memory for store and forward transaction data, that allows merchants to accept payments even when a connection is not available for authorization.