Nurit POS Terminals

Distributed by global leader Verifone, the Nurit POS brand (now retired) offered a wide range of low-cost, simple to operate, quality assured credit card terminals, wireless terminals and pin pads. These popular payment devices have been used across the world, enabling merchants to accept electronic payments in customer locations wherever connectivity is available.

Originally, the Nurit brand consisted of a wide range of products from the Israeli-based manufacturer and vendor Lipman Electronics (considered aglobal leader in the POS terminal market).  In 2006, Lipman Electronics was acquired by Verifone, resulting in the world's single largest provider of electronic payment systems. After being folded into Verifone, Nurit grew to become one of the industry’s most reliable, popular and best-selling POS terminal brands until it was discontinued.

Although the Nurit brand has now been retired, Firemane continues to stock a wide range of their electronic POS products and can reburbish them for those customers that want to maintain usability for a bit longer. Popular Nurit POS models include the wireless 8000 and 8020 (the world's best selling wireless payment device).

The compact, lightweight Nurit 8000 processes credit cards quickly and without wires, which on its release made it ideal for mobile businesses needing pay-anywhere capabilities. Reliably built for long term use, the Nurit 800 also includes the smallest full-featured hand-held terminal available with an easy-to-read backlit keyboard and a large graphical backlit display.

The Nurit 8020 has works well for either mobile or brick-and-mortar businesses,and is easily integrated with back office management systems. Designed to be taken anywhere, the Nurit 8020 is lightweight and versatile while performing highly secure transactions quickly and easily.

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