Equinox & Hypercom POS Terminals

Originating in Australia before expanding into the US market, Hypercom was an early innovator in the electronic payments and POS industrybefore being finally acquired by its leading rival Verifone in 2011. During this commercially turbulent period, the brand was split up and purchased by a number of different companies in different regions. International operations Hypercom UK, and Hypercom Spain S.A were acquired by a private investment company before being renamed Spire Payments. In addition to this acquisition, French-based Ingenico took the major strategic step of purchasing Hypercom's US Payment Systems Business.

After the Verifone acquisition, Hypercom US was renamed to Equinox Payments, LLC and is now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As an industry leading payment terminal manufacturer and related secure software provider, Hypercom/Equinox serves a wide range of merchants around the world and boasts a product portfolio of reliable payment terminals with innovative add-on technology.

At Firemane, we have a wide range of Hypercom POS terminals and Equinox POS terminals available, including end-of life and rare units. Popular models include the affordable, compact Hypercom T7+, with simultaneous bi-lingual screen display of Chinese and English to meet the needs of Mandarin speaking merchants and cashiers, and the Optimum M2100, for fast secure transactions without the constraints of wiring.  

Choose from our list of Hypercom/Equinox POS units below. If the unit you need isn’t listed, we probably have it or can quickly access it for you. For price enquiries of our wide range of used and refurbished Hypercom/Equinox terminals or parts, email us today.