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Firemane specializes in the sale of Credit Card Terminals, generally in volume. We buy, sell & refurbish to order for companies all across the globe.


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New Credit Card Terminal Sales

With a wide range of resellers, distributors and end users in more than 15 territories around the globe, Firemane can fulfill your bulk credit card terminal orders direct from the best manufacturers.

We have equipment from all of the established POS brands as well as many emerging brands – including Verifone, Hypercom (Equinox/Spire), PAX, Keycorp, Nurit, Ingenico, Sagem and Intellect. If the unit or machine isn’t listed on our website, we probably have it or can quickly access it for you.

Our direct relationship with manufacturers and well-stocked warehouse means we are able to keep costs down. View our list of products.

Credit card terminal Parts

If your terminal or machine is damaged, we can supply you with the parts you need to repair your device. Oftentimes reaching out to POS manufacturers for replacement parts is a lengthy process that can take up to six months. At Firemane, we have many of the most common POS parts readily available – including top or bottom cases, keypads and batteries, mag strips, main boards or even LCDs. We have a reputation for being able to source impossible-to-find parts that other suppliers don’t have access to.

If we don’t have the specific part you need in stock, we can get it quickly from our trusted network and deliver it to you much faster than if you ordered from the device manufacturer. Browse our POS terminal parts.

Repair and Refurbishment

Are your POS terminals end-of-life, broken or out of date? Worried that no one will take this unwanted equipment off your hands? Don’t waste it by throwing it away – send it to us for a makeover!

Firemane provides cost-effective, affordable solutions for repair and refurbishment of credit card machines. Simply ship us your broken, old and worn out equipment and we will return it to you completely refurbished with a new 12-month warranty.

Refurbishment is good for you, good for your customers and good for the environment. Find out more about our POS repair services and ask us for an obligation-free quote.